About the… eyesight

I had bad eyesight since I was a school student. I wear contact lenses during the day, and glasses in the evening. Low-dioptric myopia is accompanied by astigmatism. That is why passing diagnostics by one and the same ophthalmologist couple of times a year is the basic program I adhere to. Examination results had consistently shown stagnation or worsening of my eyesight. But not this time!

For the last six months my eyesight has improved for 1 and 1.2 diopters! With the eyesight of -7.7 and -7.0, learning that now I have become a happy possessor of improved parameters of -6.5 and -6.0 is a real breakthrough!

Last month I was thinking a lot of what new I had started doing for the last half of the year. The list I popped up with is not extensive, but quite interesting. It might somebody else restore eyesight.

Here are my innovations:

  1. Daily yoga and meditation for 0.5 – 1 hour on empty stomach. In addition to this, I keep on doing a variety of physical drills every day.


  1. Regularly playing tennis and occasionally playing squash. Both games give practice to the pupil through tracking the ball route. Even my doctor prescribed tennis as myopia prevention method.
  2. Daily drinking green smoothies with a set of different greenery, vegetables, ginger and the main secret ingredient – Aloe Vera gel. Only recently I have understood that his ingredient could give such strong effect in improving the eyesight. When describing aloe’s useful properties, Wikipedia says “aloe is used in medial practice for treatment of… progressive myopia”. Initially I wasn’t aware of the fact. I started adding aloe in my smoothies just intuitively since I remember my grandmothers telling about its healing properties.


  1. Sleeping daily for about eight hours. Last year I allowed sleeping for only six hours a day. Now I have learnt to go to bed earlier, which increased my sleeping time for a couple of hours.
  2. Taking omega-3 in capsular fish oil. I am not a fan of pills and capsules, so I don’t take fish oil in regularly. But I always take in one capsule if I have 100% vegetarian dish.