Thanks to 2015

Since my teenage ages, I summarize all my results before my B-day and before a New Year one more time. This helps in many ways: in the consciousness of ьнself, correction of my path, the relevance of earlier goals, recognizing the success. And, most importantly, summarizing helps me to feel, understand and formulate my dream for a New Year.

It’s an incredibly-cool year! Bright, fun and joyful! Filled with new super people, risky decisions which brought great results. I feel I’ve become the other, a new one. I like it. Many doors were opened. And it’s inspiring to join the New year! Thank you 2015!

There was a lot of magic over the last two years of my life. So now I’m dreaming again as in childhood: without fear and in the belief that any dream, even seeming unreal now, is real! Dream as a child! And the magic will come into your life 🙂