Outdoor bootcamp workout

In my previous posts I promised to share my outdoor boot-camp exercises, which I tasted in practice with my friend when I was traveling in Israel.

This is 60-minutes workout with just the list of exercises in their sequence. You should google and learn the proper technique before. Choose the quantity of repetitions in each exercise due to your fitness level and physical perception.

The list of exercises is just base which you can use for designing your personal workout program. This is a body-weight workout with minimum equipment. We used a street bench, a grassplot in front of the sea and hoodies instead of mats.

Warm-up and dynamic stretching — 10–15 minutes in total:

  • Jogging to a grassplot — 7 mins;
  • Jumping jacks — 40 reps;
  • Walking lunges — 10 reps for each side;
  • Alternate lower toes touch — 10 reps for each side.

After warm-up and dynamic stretching you should start your circuits. Perform all exercises in a circuit one time without a rest between three of them. Then have a one-minute rest. Then repeat these three exercises. Then have one more minute rest and a last performing.

You have to check and clean a grassplot of sharp objects before boot-camp.

Circuit #1:

  • Push-ups — 6–8 reps for beginners (you can also simplify this exercise and perform from the knees) and 12–16 reps for an intermediate level;
  • Sumo squats — 15 reps for beginners, 20–30 reps for an intermediate level;
  • Mountain climbers — 10 reps for each side or 15–20 times for each side depending to your physical perception.

Circuit #2

  • Bulgarian split lunges (we used a street bench to put one leg there) — 8–10 reps for each side or 12–14 reps for an intermediate level;
  • Standing side crunch — 10–15 reps for each side or 20–25 reps for each side;
  • Bench triceps dips — 8–10 reps or 12–16 reps for an intermediate level.

Circuit #3:

for abs targeting

  • Half way supine crunches — 15 reps or 20–25 reps for an intermediate level;
  • Supine bicycle — 8 reps for each side or 10–12 reps.

Cool-down and a static stretching for different muscle groups: chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs during 5–7 minutes.